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 Going Dormant!
As the air and water temperatures begin to cool you will notice your plants dying back. At this time it is very important to remove any dead plant material or leaves which have fallen into your pond. Doing this will help prevent a toxic build up of decaying matter which can rob your pond of oxygen. Algae growth will slow with the decrease of sunlight and cooling of temperatures resulting in nice clear water. It's important to know that as the temperature drops your fishes activity and metabolism will also slow thereby requiring far less food. If you do feel the need to feed make sure to give only what the fish will consume in 5 minutes so as not to foul the water with excess nutrients.

During pond season (~mid March - October) we offer one of the largest selections of hardy plants for the bog or water garden in San Luis Obispo County.  Included in our selection are oxigenators, various colors of water lilies, water iris, water clovers, annual floating plants and much more!  We also sell mosquito fish and several types of water snails to help keep down the algae.

 (If you have fish trouble or just want to learn more about fish health check out http://www.koivet.com the best source of fish info on line - really!) 

Pond kits now Available!
We are happy to announce that we now carry a selection of pond kits great for the beginner or the seasoned pond enthusiast.
Sizes range from small pre-formed flexible liners
to large 8x11 liner kits. All kits include liner, pump, filters, tubing and beneficial bacteria to get you going.
These would make a great gift for anyone “pondering” a water garden

 If you are new or experienced with water gardens you might enjoy the following books which may be purchased at our nursery or through Amazon.com by clicking on the links:

The Pond Doctor
American Horticultural Society Complete Guide to Water Gardening

The Tetra Encyclopedia of Koi 

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